Eternity - Track time like a pro!

Eternity Time Log for iPhone and iPad

Eternity Time Log

Track time like a pro!

Track multiple, hierarchical projects.

Review and adjust logs.

Generate detailed reports.

Export data to Excel.

Eternity Time Log on App Store

“This app has shown me all of the time leaks in my life. It has also allowed me to see areas that I can increase productivity so that I can spend more time with my wife and family.” – Serialprenuer


Work efficiently. Put your time where it counts. Identify and avoid distractions.


Devote time to your family, interests and hobbies. Enjoy guilt-free play – you know you’ve earned it – you track your work time too ;)


Make sure you sleep well and enough to stay fresh, energized and motivated.

“Love the total customization. Enough said. This app is whatever you want it to be.” – djnoronha


Eternity is a simple iPhone time tracking app, offering solution to the “what was I doing all day…?”, “where is my pen and paper” and “all work, no fun makes me a dull boy” problems ;)


It is used by many people, in many ways, from personal development, through project tracking, time management to billing.


Eternity is a Universal App, which means it’s been designed to work on iPhone and iPad. No HD version, no nonsense. Two time tracking apps in one package :)

“Well worth the money. Fantastic, intuitively designed and flexible app is making me light years more productive. It’s changing my life!” – Bryn_D

Run timers

Define activities on iPad

Define your activities in any hierarchy you like, run multiple timers with quick access to the current timers, favorites and recents.

Review logs

Review logs on iPad

Review and adjust your logs in two modes: standard table or zoomable, calendar-like TouchLog.

Analyze reports

Analyze reports on iPad

Analyze detailed, hierarchical reports with advanced filters. Navigate through your data in full screen, interactive pie charts.

And more…

Configure settings, backup and export data... on iPad

Customize the settings. Export and backup data to PC, Mac, Eternity on other device, email or Dropbox.