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Why are times of adjacent entries modified when correcting times of the current timer?

On the times edit screen, the behavior of auto-adjusting previous and next log entry changed to be more consistent in 2.2.1.
Now, if you have “Adjust prev. & next” set to ON, editing start and stop times will always auto-adjust stop/start times of the previous/next activity (unless you overlap them completely).
In other terms, until 2.2.1, auto-adjusting only “pushed” adjacent times. Now you can “push” and “pull”. To avoid that, set “Adjust prev. & next” to OFF.

12.01.2012 I submitted an update which will modify auto-adjusting behavior to only take effect if there was or is an overlap before or after a time change. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Fix should be available soon.

Please upgrade to the newest version to use redesigned adjusting.

Can't backup/restore to/from Dropbox in iOS 6.0?

It’s a bug manifesting in iOS 6.0 with 24-Hour Time system setting OFF. As a workaround please go to Settings->General->Date & Time and set 24-Hour Time to ON when backing up or restoring. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Please update to the newest version.

Why the badge no longer displays on Home Screen after upgrading to iOS 5.0?

iOS 5.0 introduced system-wide Notifications Center. Unfortunately all notifications (including badges) seem to be disabled by default for 3rd party apps. You can enable them on the per-app basis in Home Screen->Settings->Notifications.

How the email data export works?

You can export your reports and logs with email with CSV file attachments. Just go to Reports->top-right-icon->Export in email. CSV stands for (Comma Separated Values) and is just a text file with data columns separated with commas. It can be easily imported into any spreadsheet for further analysis. Exporting works based on the currently generated report. So the reported time period and hierarchy levels apply. You can set “Include hierarchy” to include subactivities reports. You can also set “Include logs” to get all related log entries on a day-by-day basis in a separate file.

Why my emails with exported data never reach my mailbox?

Sometimes export emails are filtered out by spam filters and placed in spam folder in your mailbox. Please check it. Sometimes export emails are just bounced by spam filters altogether. In such case please contact your email service admin. And sometimes there are bottleneck in the network so it takes the message tens of minutes to make it through. Please be patient.

Why I don't get the attachments when emailing to my Yahoo account?

There is some problem with iPhone OS communication with Yahoo email servers when sending emails with CSV attachments. Please try different account in the From field of the email form (which determines which email server is contacted first).

Why Japanese, German (other international characters) are not shown correctly in files imported into MS Excel?

Files exported by Eternity are CSV (Comma Separated Values) text files encoded in UTF-8. This is the de-facto standard format for such files and it does supports international characters. Unfortunately MS Excel has some problems correctly interpreting it. If you’re using intl chars in your exported files I strongly recommend OpenOffice Calc or Apple Numbers. They have no such problems.

Can I backup my data?

The full version has WiFi backup functionality so you can backup your data to your PC, Mac or any other device with a web browser, local storage and access to your local WiFi network. You can also backup/restore your data to/from an email message and Dropbox. In Addition Eternity database is backed up every time you backup your device to iTunes. So you can use it to restore data or even move it to another device.

Can I run multiple timers in parallel?

Currently not. I believe such feature would require better, calendar-like logs presentation to easily spot and adjust gaps and overlaps. Such presentation (pinch-zoomable, touch adjustable…) is in the works but hit some serious technical challenges. So currently it lives as a separate branch in my source code repository but hopefully will be merged when I overcome the obstacles has been released in update 1.8 (iOS 4.0 or higher required) so stay tuned.

Eternity supports multiple timers from version 2.2

How the hierarchies work?

When you create or modify an activity you can set “Hierarchical” flag to ON or OFF. If it’s ON, you can’t run the timer for such activity, but you can add subactivities to it. To do that: Make sure you exit the “Edit activities” mode by tapping “Save” Tap on a hierarchical activity (indicated by “>”) If the parent has no subactivities yet, a screen will be shown which offers shortcuts to hiding hierarchy or adding subactivities. Tap “Add subactivities”. If the parent has subactivities, tap top-tight icon->Edit “Edit activities” screen will be shown where you can tap “+” to add subactivities, reorder them and so on. There is no limit for hierarchy depth. The hierarchical organization of your activities is reflected on Reports screen where you can traverse hierarchies to analyze how you spend your time on any level.

How the automatic seconds rounding works?

If you have it ON or Settings, it cuts the seconds from start time and stop time AFTER the timer is stopped. Example: projectA started: 08:10:23 stopped: 08:15:46 will be rounded to 08:10:00 – 08:15:00 after the timer is stopped. The only exception is when the entry is started and stopped the same minute: projectB 08:20:15 – 08:20:44 will be rounded to 08:20:00 – 08:21:00. Start time for in progress timer is not rounded on start so you don’t jump with “Gee, I’m 44s behind!” when starting something at 08:30:44 ;)

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