If in doubt, here you can find some links to Eternity reviews.

To create or to consume, this is the question – see how Eternity helps to answer it on Matt Shafeek’s Create/Consume blog.

“In summary: Eternity Time Log is a real joy to use. I have tracked my activities every day for the last 3 months and loved doing so. It really has helped me be more productive: and that’s more money in my pocket, and better use of my leisure time.” – full review at http://www.ipadenthusiast.com.

“If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use time tracker and analyzer, I highly recommend this one.” – read the full review by Cindy Downes on iPhone Life.

“…buy the app and enjoy it because it’s totally worth the asking price.” – read the full review at iPhoneAppReviews.net.

“Komorian has made a really useful little app in Eternity Time Log” – full review on AppSmile.com.

“An app like this can definitely aid those trying to figure out where most of their day goes, and how they can improve on tasks.” – full review on MacStories.net.

“Eternity time is super easy to use and the data is really easy to export and manage.  I have found it to be a very useful tool to keep track of my time.  It combines well with my project management methods because the data is easily exportable.  5 stars!” – read full review of a business use case for Eternity by Jesse Watts.

Eternity Lite is BETTER :)

Eternity Lite V1.4 got BETTER rating from appreview.com

Eternity Time Log ESSENTIAL rating

Eternity Time Log 1.8.1 got an ESSENTIAL rating from findmysoft.com

Of course you can read more user reviews on iTunes App Store.

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